Dr Brad Schoenfeld: “Maximizing Muscle Mass”

Dr Brad Schoenfeld Seminar: Maximizing Muscle Mass is Coming to the UK






Tickets on sale now

If you want to learn more about muscle building and the underlying mechanisms of muscular hypertrophy then you’re in for a treat.
Learn about how to grow muscle, gain strength and design effective muscle building programs with this exclusive 1 day seminar, delivered by world leading expert Dr Brad Schoenfeld.

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule and content:


Seminar time: 0930-1600


• Mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy

• Influence of training variables on muscle hypertrophy

• Programming for muscle hypertrophy

• Latest research on muscle building

• Question and answer session


You can pick up your ticket here for only £245 – that’s represents an unbelievable price to listen to the world’s leading expert on muscle hypertrophy

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