Dr Brad Schoenfeld: “Maximizing Muscle Mass”

Dr Brad Schoenfeld Seminar: Maximizing Muscle Mass is Coming to the UK




£195 early bird price


Tickets on sale now

If you want to learn more about muscle building and the underlying mechanisms of muscular hypertrophy then you’re in for a treat.
Learn about how to grow muscle, gain strength and design effective muscle building programs with this exclusive 1 day seminar, delivered by world leading expert Dr Brad Schoenfeld.

Here’s a breakdown of the schedule and content:


Seminar time: 0930-1600


• Mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy

• Influence of training variables on muscle hypertrophy

• Programming for muscle hypertrophy

• Latest research on muscle building

• Question and answer session


You can pick up your ticket here for only £195 – that’s represents an unbelievable price to listen to the world’s leading expert on muscle hypertrophy

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