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Broderick Chavez: Strength Training and Physique Tour | UK and Ireland, November 2019

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Broderick Chavez: Strength Training and Physique Tour

UK and Ireland, November 2019

Strength and Power Training

Physique Prep

London | Sheffield |Dublin

1-Day Ticket Price: £89.99 (Early Bird until 31st July: £59.99)

2-Day Ticket Price*: £149.99 (Early Bird until 31st July: £99.99)

*Attend any 2-days on the tour

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Who is Broderick Chavez: The Evil Genius?

Broderick Chavez from TeamEvilGSP is the Evil Genius. He’s a renowned trainer based in the US and has trained champions, Olympians and IFBB Pros as well as hundreds of other athletes.  He is a sports performance expert, biologist, chemist, coffee connoisseur and an insomniac.

Not only has Broderick worked in Sports Performance field 30 years, he’s competed at a national level in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman.

He’s a critical thinker, lifter, speaker and thought provoker.

Broderick is uncensored and controversial. Rather than trying to prove to you or anyone else that he is the singular outlet for truth, he hopes to stimulate thought, experiment and dialogue that will bring us all closer to the truth.

This is a guy to listen to if you coach athletes or you’re an athlete yourself, wanting to get to the top of their game.

Here are just a few areas that Broderick covers in his seminars:

  • Diet strategies for sports performance, bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman

  • Performance pharmacology

  • Endurance and strength training

  • Periodization training concepts

  • Diet strategies for contest prep

“During this UK and Ireland tour, Broderick will take you through his no-holds barred approach to strength, power training and physique prep” 

Strength and Power Training Seminar

London: 16th November 2019 (Birbeck, UoL, Malet Street WC1E 7HX)

Dublin: 23rd November 2019 (Dublin City University, Glasnevin Campus, Dublin 9 – D09 NA55)

#1. The big picture:

  • Life
  • Cells
  • Organs
  • Systems
  • Behavior
  • Stress and the adaptive response
  • Feedback loops

#2. Periodization:

  • Ideas and key concepts
  • Multi-year planning
  • Event/season planning
  • Mesocycles
  • Terms: Traits, hypertrophy, strength, power, speed, general preparation phase, skills, blocks, waves, linear/nonlinear/undulating. transitional/transmutitive phases

#3. Nutrition For Sports Performance

#4. Pharmacology

#5. Practical Application:

  • Diagnostics and goals
  • Physical abilities and weaknesses
  • Skills, health and fitness

#6. Methods

  • Getting the best results by working backward
  • Understand timelines (time required to manipulate traits)
  • Focusing on weakness
  • Allowing for athlete variability

#7. Case Study

  • Building a timeline for a Pro Raw 2020 110kg lifter moving up to 120kg

#8. Q&A


Physique Prep Seminar

Sheffield: 17th November 2019 (Sheffield Hallam University, Collegiate Campus, S10 2BP)

Dublin: 24th November 2019 (Dublin City University, Glasnevin Campus, Dublin 9 – D09 NA55)

#1. Where to start, periodization overview

  • What to look for before comp prep (psychological, financial, etc.)
  • Blood work and pathology
  • Start from comp day and work backward
  • General prepatory phase (injury rehab, body comp, etc.)
  • Hypertrophy-specific training
  • Fat loss specific training
  • Peak week
  • Competition day

#2. Training program design

  • Muscle fibres/cells (structure, Type l & ll, motor units, satellite cells)
  • MTOR
  • Hypertrophy physiology
  • Hormones
  • Mechanisms of hypertrophy
  • Muscle resistance curves, force velocity, length-tension
  • Progressive overload,
  • Volume (Sets x reps x load, MEV/MAV, etc), frequency
  • Load Intensity (%1RM), effort Intensity (RIR/RPE)
  • Exercise selection and variation
  • Range of Motion, tempo, rest Periods
  • Micro/mesocycle design
  • Advanced training techniques (drop Sets, giant sets, super sets, etc.)
  • TDM Example Program

3. Nutrition and supplementation program design

  • Fat loss/storage physiology
  • Hormones
  • Flexible dieting/IIFYM
  • Training day/non-training day nutrition
  • Daily supplements
  • Training supplements

#4. Cardio and NEAT program design

  • Types of cardio
  • NEAT explained
  • Progression over time

#5. Calories, energy balance, metabolism and thermogenesis

  • Energy Balance training day/rest day
  • Metabolic adaptation
  • Adaptive thermogenesis
  • Diet breaks/re-feeds/cheat meals
  • Hunger pangs
  • Leptin/ghrelin
  • Bodybuilding is “competitive starvation”

#6. Progression, compliance, and accountability

  • Plateaus (intentional/unintentional misreporting)
  • Check-in skin folds/week
  • BW change/week
  • Fitbit
  • Update Document
  • Progression Pics

#7. 52 Week Case Study

  • Overview of physique comp prep (calories, volume, cardio, NEAT, etc)

#5. Q&A

Who are these seminars for?

1. Beginners AND Advanced coaches:

This is for you if you want a no-holds barred look into the strategies of one of the world’s most infamous sports performance coaches.

2. People who want to be leaders in strength and performance:

If you’re sick of bro-theory and evasive answers – you want solid foundations, advanced theory and no bull-shit.

3. People who can implement this knowledge immediately :

You are driven to achieve, you know that knowledge is essential to your growth as an athlete and coach.

4. Busy coaches and athletes:

All of the essential information you need to make a REAL difference with your athletes.

Broderick Chavez: Strength Training and Physique Tour

1-Day Ticket Price: £89.99 (Early Bird: £59.99)

2-Day Ticket Price*: £149.99 (Early Bird: £99.99)

*Attend any 2-days on the tour

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