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Chris Beardsley: “Strength Training for Sport”

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Date: 10th November 2018, Sheffield Hallam University

Price: £99

Is This Seminar for You?

Have you ever wanted to know how strength training transfers to sport?

Do you want to be able to figure out which exercises and loading schemes to use, so you can improve performance in any sporting movement?

In this one-day seminar, Chris Beardsley of Strength and Conditioning Research will give you a framework to help you achieve all of this.

Whether you’re a strength and conditioning coach working with athletes, a personal trainer helping the general population, or even an athlete yourself, attending this seminar will enable you to write better strength training programs for any sports performance goal.

Divided into four easily-digested talks of 1-hour each, the seminar assumes little previous knowledge, but will take your understanding of strength training to new heights, no matter how experienced you are as a coach, or how well-read you are in sports science.

Seminar Itinerary

In the first talk, Chris summarizes the foundations of strength training. This talk covers what “strength” actually is, how it differs from the skill of lifting a heavy weight, and how we can increase it by producing adaptations in the body and brain.

The second talk explains why there is a principle of specificity, and why it’s important.

During the third talk, you will discover how to analyze the movement patterns involved in athletic activities to create a list of the kinds of strength required in each, using sprinting as an example. By applying the principle of specificity, we can then see which type of strength training is needed in each case.

The fourth talk addresses some of the practical issues of programming strength training, including how the fitness-fatigue model and the general adaptation syndrome can be used, and the underlying mechanisms by which periodization actually works.

If you work with athletes, do not miss this opportunity to hear Chris speak! This will be the only time this talk is delivered this year.

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Chris Beardsley Strength Seminar

Getting To The Event

The seminar will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm at Sheffield Hallam University (Collegiate Campus), which is 30 minutes walk from the train station.

You can find a map of the campus here.

Traveling by car?

The campus is located near to the ring road, making it straightforward to access from either the North or South, and there is plenty of free parking on the road immediately outside the venue.

If you arrive with more than 10 minutes to spare, there are several coffee shops within a few minutes walk, as well as lots of lunch options for later in the day.

Upon arrival, just walk through the main doors at the Heart of the Campus, and follow the signs to the seminar! We’ll also have TRA team members on hand to direct you as well.

Chris Beardsley: “Strength Training for Sport”

– Buy My Ticket –

Date: 10th November 2018, Sheffield Hallam University

Price: £99