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Dynamic Monitoring

29th September 2018

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A joint seminar with TRA Performance and Synapse Performance


Seminar Content

This seminar is designed for coaches, trainers and athletes that want to optimize training and monitor progression using scientific principles

Optimal adaptation to exercise comes down to stimulus and recovery

Without monitoring systems in place it’s easy to train too hard, or not hard enough.

Developing a robust methodological approach to monitoring helps you as a coach

In this seminar we take you through everything you need to know about…

Dynamic monitoring of clients – adapting the way you prescribe exercise and nutrition to get maximum results.

Planning effective client programming can be time-consuming. T0 really help them achieve their goals you need to plan accurate and detailed training systems that get them where they need to be in a healthy and motivational way.

What makes things difficult is that without then monitoring how the client reacts to that plan, you’re ‘flying blind’.

“If you aren’t testing, you’re guessing”

By monitoring and adapting client exercise and nutrition programmes, you make progression easier. That means better results for them… and for you.


  • Using principles of general adaptation and allostasis to plan your programming

  • Physiological and psychological stressors and how they affect progression in athletes and non-athletes

  • The advantages and potential disadvantages of overreaching, how to identify overtraining

  • Planning effective recovery and deload strategies to supercompensate performance

  • Formulating a proper nutritional needs analysis, identifying and creating bespoke systems and analyzing convenience/compliance in nutrition monitoring


The Speakers

Paul Rimmer

Dr Paul Rimmer BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

Paul’s area of academic expertise is in biomechanics – in particular functional and clinical measures of strength and performance, which is what his PhD was involved in.

However, since then Paul has developed a keen interest in the understanding of nutrition and human metabolism, providing nutrition education and programming for a number of high-profile athletes and teams in both the UK and US.

He has published numerous articles on nutrition and training through his own business, and has featured in publications such as Alan Aragon’s Research Review.

Paul will be talking about how to create bespoke systems to monitor client nutrition. This includes how to perform and effective needs analysis, the outcomes that need tracking (and how often), convenience and compliance, and finally, systems to get the data you need. Simple, ‘at a glance’ analysis to inform your practice.

Lee Bell at BodyPower

Lee Bell BSc (Hons), PGCE, MSc

Lee has been involved in the fitness industry since 1999 as a coach, trainer, lecturer and speaker. He’s worked with pro athletes, general population clients and also in a clinical setting.

As a sport science consultant, Lee’s current role varies on a day-to-day basis.  He is involved in strength and conditioning programming, primary research projects and also writes for numerous fitness websites. He is currently investigating the link between strength training and overreaching as part of a PhD.

Lee is a published academic in the area of sports performance and physiology, lectures on a regular basis and has spoken at both medical conferences and fitness conventions such as BodyPower.

Lee will be speaking about measurements, risk factors and markers of overreaching and overtraining in both endurance and strength training, as well as how to promote rest and recovery when overtraining occurs. 

David Nolan BSc (Hons): Head Coach at Synapse Performance

David graduated from the University of Limerick with a 1st class honours degree in sport and exercise sciences and is currently contracted to carry out nutrition research for Food for Health Ireland, based from University College Dublin.

He is the founder and head coach of Synapse Performance offering world-class coaching and education for the fitness professional through a variety of mediums. David also hosts the fantastic Synapse Performance Podcast.

David will be discussing the concept of allostatic load and sources and implications of stressors on performance, as well as tools you can use for day-to-day monitoring of clients.


Arthur Lynch

Arthur Lynch BSc (Hons): Sigma Nutrition

Arthur has been involved in the fitness industry since 2009. During that time he has competed in drug-free bodybuilding and powerlifting, representing Ireland on 3 occasions for the latter.

Arthur achieved a first class honours in his sport and exercise science degree from the University of Limerick (UL), graduating in 2014. He is currently pursuing postgraduate study at UL.

He has been involved with CityGym Limerick as a coach since its inception and co-founded the powerlifting club in late 2014.

Arthur offers online powerlifting, physique and nutrition coaching at Sigma Nutrition and Performance and is the founder and co-host of the No-Lift powerlifting podcast.

Arthur will be discussing how to avoid ‘spinning your wheels’ and not meeting your goals, as well as how to become a savvy fitness industry consumer.

Dynamic Monitoring

29th September 2018

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A joint seminar with TRA Performance and Synapse Performance