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Dr Gary Mendoza 22nd September 2018, Sheffield Hallam University.

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Dr Gary Mendoza: “Motivational Interviewing 1-Day Workshop”

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Date: 22nd September 2018, Sheffield Hallam University
Price: £120
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Gary’s background is in personal training. He graduated with a first class honours degree in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Wales and then moved into training personal trainers and coaches and developed a successful nutrition and weight management course, including assessment of behavioural readiness.

This course formed the basis of his doctoral research which he was awarded a PhD for in 2006. His research included specialisation in the multi-dimensional treatment of overweight and obese males.

Gary’s other area of expertise is sports nutrition. He was previously programme leader for both sports nutrition and advanced sports nutrition at Massey University in New Zealand and trained with Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA).


He lectures in nutrition for sport and exercise at Bath Spa and Cardiff Metropolitan Universities and is an Academic Associate member of the SENr.

Gary is also co-director of ‘The Nutrition Academy Ltd’ and delivers the applied nutrition and supplementation course (AfN certified) well as their behaviour change and motivational interviewing workshop, which has more recently been enhanced by the addition of motivational interviewing (MI).

As an academic practitioner with a wealth of experience, Gary is passionate about raising the standards of nutrition, motivational interviewing and behavioural change education in the health and fitness industry. He wants the industry to move to a more evidence-based style of behaviour change and nutrition education.

Dr Gary Mendoza at Massey University in New Zealand

Motivational Interviewing Seminar

Successful weight management programmes require three key components

Do you provide them all?

  1. Nutrition education and support

  2. Activity and/or exercise advice

  3. Behavioural/Lifestyle change and habit formation


If ONE component is missing then the chances of achieving long-term, permanent weight-loss are very low.

If a client is not in the correct stage of change they will ultimately not succeed in a weight-loss programme. Working with a client who is unsure or carries self-doubt is a difficult task, but there are researched, effective and simple techniques to build your clients self-efficacy, confidence and knowledge, making your job and their success come far easier.

This NEW one-day motivational interviewing (MI) workshop will teach you how to enhance your client engagement and also enable you to assist clients with other lifestyle behavioural changes such as those required for exercise adherence, smoking cessation.  This important counselling skill (MI) has been incorporated into the behaviour change workshop to enable trainers to guide clients who are ambivalent about lifestyle change (sitting on the fence) and help them take the next step. You also receive a free text book: MI in Nutrition and Fitness.

Using MI based skills, trainers can build client self-confidence and also improve their businesses client retention. For a full description of MI see appendix one at the foot of this page.

Using the techniques taught in the behaviour change workshop the weight-loss system developed in my research (LEAN Man System) achieved an 86% success rate both in the UK and New Zealand (NZ). This programme has since been adopted by the Manawatu Public Health region (NZ) for use in the community. The MI skills most recently incorporated in this workshop may well increase this already impressive success rate, only time will tell.

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Workshop Delivery

The one-day workshop is delivered by Dr Gary Mendoza. The days runs from 09:00 to 18:00 and it will be very interactive and practical with all content explained and demonstrated. Students will learn and practice the basic techniques of motivational interviewing.

The workshop includes a lot of ‘real play’ which offers participants the opportunity to work on their own problems (Be these business or personal) throughout the day. On completion of the workshop students will have a possess a toolbox of techniques they can apply to initiate change and run a successful weight-loss programme.

All techniques are based on evidence-based research. The course text book that accompanies the workshop is also fully referenced. Due to the very interactive nature of the workshop student numbers will be limited to allow the required interaction and practice.

Who should attend the two-day workshop?

  • Personal trainers wanting to improve their weight-loss and communication skills

  • Registered Nutritionists involved in delivering weight loss programmes

  • Dietitians running weight loss programmes

  • Practice nurses running weight-loss programmes in GP surgeries

  • Individuals interested in weight loss and where they are personally in the change cycle

Dr Gary Mendoza: “Motivational Interviewing 1-Day Workshop”

– Buy My Ticket –

Date: 22nd September 2018, Sheffield Hallam University
Price: £120
Partner Tickets: £200