TRA Performance Education
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Use expert education resources to improve your coaching, and work with the clients that YOU want to work with.

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There are hundreds of coaches and trainers out there. Distance yourself from the crowd and keep yourself at the cutting edge of fitness science with expert conferences, seminars, courses and mentorship programs.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you feel like your knowledge of muscle building, strength and conditioning, fat loss or general health and performance could be better?
  • Do you struggle to find clients because you haven’t found your niche yet?
  • Are you worried that other trainers are ‘overtaking’ you in terms of their knowledge, skills and business?
  • Would you love to find a platform where you can learn from the best in the world, gain face-to-face scientific knowledge and be find the support to apply what you’re learning to your clients?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then TRA Performance Education is the platform that you need.

The fitness industry is overwhelmed with trainers just like you, trying to make a name for themselves.

It can be tough to single yourself out.And while you’ve got the passion and motivation to be the best trainer out there, knowing who to follow for the best, cutting-edge fitness knowledge can be difficult.

That’s where TRA comes in.

Right now, you might be enjoying what you’re doing. The same clients each day, with the same goals.

Wouldn’t you rather push your boundaries and develop more science-led programs that attract physique athletes, diverse health population clients or even pro-athletes?

Learn from world-leading experts in sports science, fitness, health and athletic performance.

You probably tell yourself that keeping up to date with current trends and scientific principles in your industry is just too hard.

And it’s true.

In our collective 30 years of experience in health and fitness, TRA worked hard to keep up to date with conferences, seminars, podcasts, journal releases and articles.

We feel your pain.

Because it’s tough to keep at the forefront of the fitness industry.

Without knowing exactly who to listen to and which experts to follow can means many wasted hours trawling through page after page of resources just for the evidence you need to improve your coaching.

So, what do you do?

Give up trying to keep up to date with the ever-growing fitness knowledge? Stick to training the same clients day-in, day-out without being challenged or have a platform to try out new and innovative training methods? Risk following the wrong people, evidence or training approach and find that your clients just don’t get the results they’re after?

Now here’s the thing …

There are coaches out there who’ve stayed at the front of fitness research, transformed their businesses and networked with the best experts in the world.


They follow and implement the following simple tips:

  • Narrow down the noise and listen to only the most influential, evidence-based academics and practitioners.
  • Integrated learning when it best suits you. Through face-to-face events, live mentorship, pre-recorded video lectures and audio resources.
  • Built a community of like-minded professionals to discuss how different scientific training principles.

You can make changes to your coaching and you can accelerate your business. Work with the type of clients you want to work with and stay at the cutting edge of fitness knowledge.

What you’ve got here is the basis of a successful, pioneering personal training or coaching business.

You’ll see visible differences to your clients because you’re implementing the best coaching, the best training principles and you’re keeping ahead of everyone else.

Like we’ve already said – listening to experts, using the best coaching methods and having access to a community of support from other professionals will change the way you run your fitness business.

TRA Performance Education: Expert Speakers, resources and guidance for sport science, fitness and health practitioners

Set up by fitness industry educators Dr Paul Rimmer and Lee Bell MSc, TRA provides a collective expert resource community, based solely around keeping you at the forefront of science-based personal training.

TRA aims provides a single place where you can improve your knowledge of:

  • Muscle building and physique development
  • Youth and adult athlete development
  • The underpinning aspects of physiology, nutrition, biomechanics strength and conditioning
  • Developing a successful in-person and online fitness business
  • Public health, epidemiology and exercise in the health sector
  • How to use evidence-based practice to improve the way you coach

TRA is NOT for everyone.

That might seem strange, but it’s us being honest.

If you’re a coach or personal trainer that doesn’t work hard to keep up to date with the latest studies, position statements, expert opinions or cutting-edge content then you aren’t serious enough to be here.

If you’re unwilling to listen and apply the very best advice from world-class speakers, you won’t benefit from our educational support seminars.

But if you’re a serious coach that puts your business ethics, client results and potential to gain the best knowledge first, TRA is the single best place to be.