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Hugh Gilmore 1st September 2019, Sheffield Hallam University.

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Hugh Gilmore: “Performance Psychology for Strength and Conditioning”

Jedi mind tricks for strength sport coaches

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Date:  1st September 2019, Sheffield Hallam University

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What’s covered in this 1-day theory and practical seminar?

1. Strategies for managing competition anxiety – helping the athlete on the field and platform.

2. How to pressure train to make robust performance.

3. Understanding complexity of performance. How it changes as the athlete changes.

4. Critical thinking in psychology – how to spot bullsh*t and fluff.

5. Performance feedback vs constraints-based learning – how feedback can enhance skill learning and  drive adaptations in the gym.

6. Optimal sleep strategies for performance and recovery – why sleeping more is a risky approach.

7. Consilience and the paradox of individual vs the team, and why it’s important to the coach.

8. Additional content based on attendee questions*.


*All attendees are welcome to email Hugh at with questions in advance to ensure they get the information tailored to their questions.

“Hugh makes Performance Psychology clear cut, and without fluff. I get it now”

Hugh Gilmore at EPC 2018

Hugh speaking at the European Powerlifting Conference 2018. Picture courtesy of Gar Benn at CityGym.

About Hugh Gilmore


Hugh Gilmore specializes in the application of scientifically-derived knowledge with his clients in order to create performance improvement.

He currently works in Loughborough with the English Institute of Sport and also sits on the board of Directors for Netball Northern Ireland acting as Performance Director.

Hugh is also the director of Podium Psychology, a longitudinal support and coaching program for athletes.

English Institute of Sport

Hugh is currently contracted with the English Institute of Sport (EIS), the foremost body of sporting expertise in the UK which is responsible for supporting Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic sports.

British Weightlifting

Paralympic and Olympic Rio 2016, Commonwealth Games 2018 Currently working towards Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

Netball Northern Ireland

Former Performance Director during the Commonwealth Games 2018.

British Athletics

Futures Program for elite development athletes who are talented enough to progress to funded athlete status. In addition, he joined the World Class Program in December 2018.

British Paralympic Association

Developing resilient and competent classifiers who can handle public pressure for the governing body of Paralympic sport.

University of Nottingham

Annually lecturing to Physios about working in elite pressurized MDT and the role of Psychology in rehab.

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Getting To The Event

The seminar will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm at Sheffield Hallam University, Collegiate Crescent (Collegiate Campus), Sheffield S10 2BP which is 30 minutes walk from the train station.

You can find a map of the campus here.

Traveling by car?

The campus is located near to the ring road, making it straightforward to access from either the North or South, and there is plenty of free parking on the road immediately outside the venue.

If you arrive with more than 10 minutes to spare, there are several coffee shops within a few minutes walk, as well as lots of lunch options for later in the day. Upon arrival, just walk through the main doors at the Heart of the Campus, and follow the signs to the seminar! We’ll also have TRA team members on hand to direct you.


Hugh Gilmore: “Performance Psychology for Strength and Conditioning”

Jedi mind tricks for strength sport coaches

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