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Joseph Agu: Nutrition for Hypertrophy & Metabolic Adaptation



Dr Paul Rimmer: Metabolic Adaptation: Is There a Case for Reverse Dieting?


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4 hours 30 minutes of exercise nutrition from two of the leading experts in the field for just £59.99

In this seminar, Asst. Prof Joseph Agu and Nexus Performance/TRA Director Dr Paul Rimmer share their knowledge and experience of nutrition theory and practical application.


Each presentation is filmed in high-definition and uses animations to show you close ups of the presenter’s slides. 

Use this digital resource again and again and keep at the forefront of nutritional science.

Joseph Agu: Nutritional Interventions for Muscle Hypertrophy (2 hours 23 minutes long):

  • What can be achieved naturally and what affects this?
  • Experience-related rates of muscle growth
  • Estimating caloric requirements for muscle gain
  • Thoughts on body recomposition
  • Setting macronutrient intakes
  • Hormonal effects
  • Thoughts on intermittent fasting and keto dieting
  • An up-to-date overview of protein research
  • Overview of muscle protein synthesis
  • Daily requirements
  • Protein sources
  • Amino acid supplementation
  • Liquid vs. solid proteins
  • Nutrient timing


Paul Rimmer: Metabolic Adaptation – Is There a Case for Reverse Dieting? (2 hours 5 minutes):

  • Regulation of metabolism
  • How the body adapts to energy restriction and to what extent
  • Strategies for limiting metabolic adaptation
  • Reverse dieting: the evidence for and against
  • Post-diet strategies: population and individual considerations

Both of these fantastic talks for just £59.99

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