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TRA | Online Fitness Writing Course

Build industry authority, educate a wider audience, increase traffic to your website, and drive more people to your social pages with elite-level articles and blog writing

There are hundreds of coaches and trainers out there relying on pictures of food and grainy videos of circuit classes to build their business. Distance yourself from the crowd and share your knowledge and expertise with engaging, well-crafted articles and blogs that will drive people to your business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to reach a wider audience on your website or social pages but aren’t quite sure how to do so?
  • Have you got tons of knowledge you want to share with the type of people that value your expertise?
  • Do you want to build industry authority with existing and new potential clients?
  • Do you maybe already own a website that doesn’t get enough traffic? Or do you struggle to convert customers once they’re there?
  • Have you always wanted to be a published writer on world-class health, fitness or nutrition websites?
  • Would you love to learn how to write knowledgeable, interesting and client-converting articles that help you build your coaching business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the TRA Fitness Writing Course is the platform you need.


The fitness industry is tough.

With so many qualified coaches out there it can be hard to show potential clients that you are at the top of your game.

You’re better than other coaches. It’s just that you’ve no way of showing your knowledge base or helping those outside of your circle.

You’ve grown tired of relying on social pages to pull customers your way. And with practically everyone going down the route of pictures of healthy meal shots, clips of clients doing

burpees and daily bicep or ass selfies, you want something different.

You got into coaching to help people.

It can be tough to distance yourself from the ego-driven coaches that focus on themselves and not actually helping others.

And while you’ve got the passion and motivation to be the best fitness or nutrition coach out there, knowing how to craft great articles and blogs has left you confused and unsure where to start.

That’s where the TRA Fitness Writing Course comes in.

Use your writing skills to reach a wider audience and show your followers that you understand the science behind fitness, health or nutrition

Learn from writers who’ve published in the largest fitness and nutrition pages in the world

You probably tell yourself that you aren’t a writer? That your ideas are okay when they’re in your head, but you just can’t get them out on paper?

But great writing isn’t about understanding the differences between prose and paragraphs, or HTML from XML.

Good writing is about teaching your readers in a simple, engaging and understandable manner.

Great writers know how to educate.

And that’s you.

The TRA Fitness Writing Course is written and led by us – Lee Bell and Paul Rimmer. We’re both academically published research scientists,  but spend a lot of our time writing for fitness and nutrition websites too.

Together we’ve written and published oner 1,000 internet fitness articles, both on our own websites and external ones too.

In our collective years as writers we’ve worked hard to understand what makes readers tick, what they like to learn about and how to build a base of followers through writing great content.

We feel your pain.

We’ve taught lots of writers. And many of them never thought they’d be able to create engaging, educating content that would build a reputation as an industry authority. Or convert readers to


coaching clients.

Because it’s tough to keep at the forefront of the fitness industry if people don’t know who you are.

So, what do you do?

Reach a wider audience, help people make healthier lifestyle choices and generate a better income.

It’s all about reaching that wider audience.

Collectively, we’ve featured on fitness and nutrition websites such as:

  • T-Nation
  • Muscle and Strength
  • EliteFTS
  • Sigma Nutrition
  • myfitnesspal
  • Complete Human Performance

It’s not unusual for fitness websites to pay you $200-300 dollars per article. And retainers for monthly content can be as high as $1,500 per page, per month

Fitness writing is a great way to build a separate revenue stream while still having the time to do what you do best; coach clients.


Course Content

Module 1: Nuts, bolts and choosing your content

  • Why do you want to be a fitness writer?
  • Who are your potential readers?
  • An analysis of different fitness websites
  • How to choose great content ideas
  • Where do you find engaging titles?
  • Making impact headlines

Module 2: Style, tone and readability

  • What is readability?
  • Why should you forget what your English teacher told you?
  • The basics of article layout
  • How to smash your style and tone
  • Why no one reads block writing anymore
  • How do you reference internet articles?

Module 3: Cocking the gun and writing kickass intros

  • What makes a great introduction?
  • How to write a thumb-stopping introductions and why you need to get the reader’s attention fast on the internet

Module 4: What do we know about ‘SEO’?

  • What is SEO and how should it affect your writing?
  • Is SEO important in fitness writing?
  • Hints and tips for SEO optimization

Module 5: A huge ‘call to action’

  • What is a ‘call to action’?
  • the basics of ‘copywriting’
  • How to write CTA’s and turn a customer into a client

Module 6: Where do you get your images from for your articles?

  • How do image rights work?
  • What are you allowed to use and not use?
  • Where to get free images from
  • Where and how to set up a paid image download account

Module 7: Pitching to external websites – getting ‘pubbed’

  • What is domain authority and page authority?
  • Why back linking is important for your own site
  • The pitching process – what you need to know?
  • Sample pitching emails
  • What to look for in a high-quality website

Module 8: Making a career out of fitness writing

  • How to set up your freelance writing portfolio
  • Which agencies you should work with (and which to avoid)

How Does The Course Work?

Each module is delivered with a detailed and comprehensive pdf. document to your email.

As each email comes through, it begins to build a huge guide on writing that you can refer to time and time again as you build your article portfolio.

We don’t set deadlines.

You can complete each module in your own time and let the course work around your own hectic schedule (we still coach ourselves, so we know what it’s like to have a busy diary).

You’ll read over the detailed content and complete the tasks in each module. As you finish each task, you’ll move closer towards completing your first article.

We give you constant email support, so if you get stuck or need clarification we’re just a click away.

It’s not a faceless, corporate monster where we hide behind an auto-generated course feeder, kicking back, sipping Mojitos either.


We both take this course seriously and want you to get the very best from it.

For that reason, we always offer an (optional) initial Skype call at the start of your course to discuss your background, what you want to achieve and what area of fitness or nutrition you’re most passionate about.

This way we can tailor the course to your specific needs.

What else do we help you with?

If your plan is to work towards becoming a published writer for an external website, we can help you prepare real pitches and help put you in contact with the editors and managers what run the major sites.

And while we can never promise that you’ll hit the site you really want to write for, we do our best to help you publish on a site that suits your style and authority.

How Much Does The Fitness Writing Course Cost?

The whole course, including all modules, email support and editing of your very first article is…


(£200 if you book before 1st March, 2019)


What do you do next?

See that form below that says ‘Quick Contact Form’?

Just drop us a message on there and we’ll be in touch to organize getting you started.