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Online Course: Nutrition for Body Composition, Health and Performance

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Nutrition for Body Composition, Health and Performance

Price: £99.99 

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Co-Director of TRA Performance, Dr Paul Rimmer, has put together this 14 lecture nutrition for health, body composition and performance course and includes over 15 hours of video.

Each video lecture is fully referenced, and all references are provided in pdf form. All lectures are also fully transcribed into PDF documents for download to read at your leisure.

The course was originally developed as part of his exclusive mentoring program, however due to increasing professional commitments and less time to work on a 1-2-1 basis as a mentor, Paul decided to create a platform to allow a wider audience access to the course.

His goal now is to help as many people as possible advance their nutrition knowledge and allow access to reliable, accurate and applicable information at a cost that they can afford.

Who is this course for? 

This course is suitable for anyone looking to advance their nutrition knowledge from that taught during basic personal training or coaching certificates and would make a perfect bridge to build knowledge and confidence before taking part in more expensive nutrition courses and certifications.

Each module can be taken in your own time and suits a busy lifestyle where timed deadlines aren’t suitable.

What’s it all about?

Learn about the fundamental principles of nutrition for weight loss, muscle growth, health and performance. This fully referenced, scientifically-driven course uses the latest evidence on nutrition to help inform better practice. Written by Dr Paul Rimmer of Nexus Performance Analysis, performance and nutrition consultant.

What’s included?

With a total of over 15 hours of video lectures, full audio transcripts and course references that are downloadable for further reading, this is not only a detailed practical nutrition course but also one that is great value for money… providing expert knowledge at only a fraction of the cost of other online nutrition and education resources.

Online Course Content

– Understanding Calories and Regulation of Metabolism

– Metabolic Effects of Weight loss and Weight Gain

– Methods for Estimating Energy & Macronutrient Requirements

– Analysis of Commonly Used Nutrition Strategies for Weight Loss

– Understanding the Roles of Protein

– Understanding the Roles of Fats

– Fibre and Gut Health

– Carbohydrates in Health and Performance

– The Role of Nutrition in Diabetes

– The Role of Nutrition in Cancer

– Hydration

– Alcohol

– Minerals

– Vitamins

Each module places each area in the context of health, weight loss, muscle gain and performance.

Nutrition for Body Composition, Health and Performance

Price: £99.99 

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