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TRA CASE Study Series Online Course | Concepts in Applied Sport and Exercise Science

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Distance yourself from the crowd and stay at the cutting edge of sport and exercise science with the TRA CASE Study Series online education and mentorship programme

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Sport and exercise science is constantly evolving. Innovative training and contemporary testing methods are being constantly created, making it tougher than ever to keep up to date with optimal performance tools.

The aim of this interactive, practice-led online course is to extend your existing knowledge and skills of conditioning and nutrition for sports teams and individual athletes. Building on knowledge and skills you’ve developed in your existing practice and education, the TRA CASE Study Series online course places particular emphasis on the scientific principles underlying the planning and programming of training and nutrition across the lifespan and in athletic populations, but with specific emphasis on case studies and the decision-making process that underpins successful application.

  • Online lectures covering core theoretical concepts
  • Deconstruct athlete case studies using a practice-based evidence approach
  • Expert educators, academics and pratitioners
  • Mentorship and development pathways
  • Group support
  • Access to live TRA events with world-class speakers

Content Covered

→ Understanding and applying research in practice

→ Critical thinking skills

→ Body composition

→ Bioenergetics, programming for performance

→ Biomechanics

→ Periodization and programming design

→ Developing key performance parameters: impulse, power, strength and explosiveness

→ Understanding and managing psychophysiological

→ Recovery and training load strategies

→ Monitoring performance tools


  • Use a reverse-engineered learning approach to better understand case studies in sport and exercise science
  • Learn about application of exercise science in action, not just the terminology or theoretical principles
  • Analyse the process and component parts of successful coach-led programming from both a training and nutritional perspective
  • Deconstruct the methods and data of exercise and nutrition research and learn the true elements of an “practice-based evidence” approach
  • Learn from a range of academics, practitioners and experts in their field
  • Learn at your own pace with round-the-clock access to learning materials from any device

The course is created for

→ Personal trainers and sports coaches

→ Sport and exercise science students and enthusiasts

→ Physiotherapists, physical therapists and rehab staff

→ Athletes and recreational trainers

→ Those looking for a deeper understanding of sport and exercise science and strength and conditioning in practice

Teaching team

Core teaching team:

Dr Paul Rimmer (MSc, PhD)

Paul works as performance director and lead nutritionist with several high profile athletes and organisations, both in the UK and US.

Lee Bell (MSc, FHEA)

Lee is currently a sport and exercise science/strength and conditioning lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University with a special interest in training load monitoring, fatigue and strength training programming.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Identify and critically discuss some of the contemporary principles of physical and nutritional preparation of athletes in either a team or individual setting
  • Integrate new knowledge and skills into exercise or coaching scenarios, formulating a robust programme of support for an athlete or team
  • Select a range of appropriate methods for the evaluation and assessment of sporting performance and justify these through a deeper understanding of scientific principles and critical appraisal
  • Identify and apply a range of monitoring tools that are research-informed but work within a specific (evidence-based) scenario and environment
  • Critically evaluate and understand current research and practice that informs training programme design and implementation, with a focus on exercise and/or sports performance


Strategy and teaching tools

TRA CASE Study takes a “Research-Informed Teaching (RiT)” approach, using contemporary and robust evidence to guide you through the decision making process to successful programming, using this research and other types of evidence embedded in a practical setting.

This course is predominantly research-based and is largely designed around inquiry-based activities. In order to achieve the learning outcomes identified above, a range of teaching and learning resources will be available. 

Online lectures

Lectures will be used to present initial key terminology and theoretical concepts, and will offer you the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the principles and ideas associated with the preparation and performance-enhancing process of athletes and exercisers. 

CASE Studies

The analysis of athlete case studies will supplement your understanding of lecture material by taking a “practice-based evidence” approach to understanding athlete provision, using more interactive methods of learning, such as case study evaluation, tutor discussion and presentations highlighting why decisions were made to optimize performance, not just what those decisions were. These more critical learning sessions will provide you with multiple opportunities to reflect on your learning from a more practice-led perspective. 

Interactive Discussions

You’ll be invited to regular online, live discussions where we dissect the latest sport science publications, concepts and case studies and analyse the decision making process and the key methods that underpin successful programming. This is a great way to develop critical thinking skills and research capabilities ready to put into practice.

Reserve your place on the TRA CASE Study Series online course and join the community for just £1,000 £350*

*for our inaugural intake starting 7th September 2020 we are offering enrollment at a discounted rate


To secure your place you just pay £100 non-refundable deposit, with the remaining balance due before 7th September 2020